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Everyone else so full of food they can't move?
My half-siblings got a fancy new iMac for Christmas. I haven't used an apple for nearly ten years and they've moved on a bit. Had a bit of a fright when the control v button wouldn't work and I'm secretly hankering for the old, crappy evil Microsoft computer.
And it's finally my posting day for Noel_of_Spike, though only just. I'm posting it here too, because I'm kinda anal. Altogether there's going to be five chapters and an epilogue, most of it tomorrow, probably.
Huge big thanks to [ profile] slackerace for going over and above the call of beta-ing, with the encouragement and research and listening to me whinge. Hope you had a great Christmas.

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I've been checking all the links on my list of Spuffy author sites and it's been rather depressing. I've taken out far more dead links than I've added new sites. So if anyone knows any sites that aren't on my list it would really make my day if you'd leave a link. Even if it's a really old site, if it's not on my list I probably haven't seen it before. The complete list is here. There’s still 200 author sites there, not counting a few LJ memories and archive author pages that slipped in.
Not a very Christmassy post, I know. But I've been taking advantage of having a computer. It's getting put in the attic tomorrow to stop the kids spending Christmas playing war games.
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My Christmas fic is finished!
My Christmas shopping, not so much. My Christmas wrapping, barely started. My Christmas baking, an idle dream. I plead Atheism. In fact, somebody give me a religion that celebrates mid-January and sign me up! I'll be ready.
But, my Christmas ficlet is finished. All 21,000 words. No more WIPs for me. Never let it be said I don't have priorities.
Between one thing and another I've hardly been in my house at all the last week or so, which makes me wonder how it got so bloody messy. Away again yesterday, more bleeding trains. At least staying somewhere with a computer. Old, cantankerous computer, but computer nonetheless. And many other people to do the baking. Still, I think I’ll be glad to be at home when Christmas is over.


Dec. 6th, 2006 08:26 pm
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Here's some photos of me and my daughter and her aunts and uncles. Because I've just figured out photobucket and I'm feeling rather proud of myself.

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And no fic, again. I've written 11 of Dreidel, it's even beta'd, but I think I may have to change a couple of tiny details to fit in with chapter twelve. And my Christmas fic for Noel of Spike just keeps getting longer and longer.
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Ramblings about my chaotic and slightly violent Saturday )

No fic, all this boils down to. No time to get online to read anyone else's either. I hate winter, I suddenly want to sleep eight hours a day, have no energy when I'm awake.
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Tada! Some smut. If it seems a little sudden... well I didn't want to risk accidentally writing another chapter of set-up, okay?
I swear, I thought if I could get the characters in bed, the smut would just naturally follow. But then it got all sapppy and didn't feel right. So I got them drunk, and seriously, I thought they'd just start going at it in my head and then I could write that down. But the little bastards started having conversations...
Now they're going to have sex if they want to or not, damnit.
Beta'd by [ profile] slackerace
Previous chapters here
Chapter Three )

And here's a random piece of information nobody wants to hear. The string came off my tampon yesterday. Ever tried getting one of those out with a pair of tweezers late on a Friday night?
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Short rant about crazy people. More specifically, the crazy people who review Dreidel on The Bloodshed Verse )
In RL, my child is going to Doncaster with her Daddy for a short weekend tomorrow, and my home is all my own for only the second time since she was born, three years ago Sunday. I'm torn between throwing a wild and drunken party... and just sitting here in the internet cafe all weekend. It's scary how easy that would be. I've been online three hours and all I've managed to do is skim through my flist. Even though I was all up to date just a few days ago. Sometimes I'm quite glad I don't have the internet at home. I'd never do anything else.
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You know what I hate? That you can't Capitalize user names on LJ. I'm so very anal. So this chapter is beta'd by Slackerace

Chapter 9 )
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I did my first Meme. At least if a meme is what I think it is, then I did my first meme. Shame it says I'm A spiteful loner )

And fic. Thanks as ever to [ profile] slackerace for the beta.

All chapters here

Dreidel 8 )
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A few fics I've enjoyed the last couple of weeks )

You'll all have read them all, mostly from Seasonal Spuffy. And I've forgotten quite a few, we're blaming my old computer and my laziness at backing up even though it was on the blink for ages.


Oct. 22nd, 2006 05:17 pm
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I've done loads of writing this weekend, absolutely tons, and I have nothing to post and that sucks. Especially as for once I've had time to get on a computer four times this weekend! Then I get called out in the rain this evening to come and fix my sister's computer. The very idea of me fixing a computer is laughable but she's usually just put the caps lock on and so her password won't work, on this occasion a wire had fallen out the back... Yes, there are people less computer literate than me and I do believe I'm related to both of them.
Signed up for a Christmas ficathon, Noel of Spike, thought I'd best start writing for that because you never know how long these things will take, if you're me. And it's going too well because I only meant to write a little ficlet and no matter how much I write I'm still halfway through. About four thousand words now, best I can guess from the biro. And I finished the rough draft of Dreidel 10 and I rewrote a bit more of Softer World but it's still crap so we'll not count that. But nothing postable. If it wasn't for Seasonal Spuffy I'd be bored right now.
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My little girl's daddy has busted his knee, which means he's stuck round the house. Jen thinks it's Christmas, and I get to run out to the internet cafe when ever I like, toddler free. Aren't other people's injurys great? So more Dreidel, not a brilliant chapter but hey, if you review this time I might even be online tomorrow to reply!

Previous Chapters Here

Dreidel Chapter Seven )

And a question for anyone who knows how these things work. I've finally got so desperate for some decent TV that I've been thinking about ordering a DVD from Amazon, which is a bit of a new adventure for me. Veronica Mars seems to be the thing most highly recommended but it's not out in the UK. If I bought the American DVD would it work in my English machine?
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I got nominated! At the Spark and Burn Awards. My very first fic, Have to be here, for best Buffy and Spike characterization and me for best new author. So big big thanks to someone. Gotta say, I don't really feel like a new author any more. Don't get anywhere near as much time on LJ as I'd like, but I do feel very much at home here.

So anyway... here's some more of the fanfic thing. Dreidel )

And lastly some random observyness. I tend to scribble fic in abbreviations and today I noticed that the initials for Vengeance Demon are VD. Does anyone else think it's not coincidence that the instrument for revenge on men who cheat on their girlfriends has the same initials as Venereal Disease?
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More Dreidel. Dedicated to [ profile] dreamsofspike and [ profile] timeofchange because they've both at some point reviewed one chapter twice. That's the kind of behaviour that makes me feel like an indolent selfish bitch. On that theme I woke my daughter up at five thirty this morning so she'd have a nap in her buggy while I was posting this and catching up with my flist. I'm a bad Mother.
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I'm in Slough. Uuuurghhh. Haven't had a cigarette all day, got stoned last night and now I have a throat like sandpaper which makes me feel old. People seem to smoke a lot in Slough, I can't imagine why... Got ID'd (carded) in Sainsbury's, by someone barely out of nappies, trying to buy a bottle of Chianti, despite the fact that I had a nearly three year old clinging to my jeans going 'come on Mummy, hurry up'. Should've helped with the feeling old thing but it just pissed me off. I'm 26, I have crows feet for Christsakes, I'm 8 years older than you! What kind of 17 year old buys Chianti anyway? Have you ever seen a 17 yr old this irritable?
So here's the next stupid chapter of my stupid Seasonal Spuffy fic beta'd by stupid [ profile] slackerace. No, wait... Beta'd by the lovely [ profile] slackerace who knows things about punctuation I'll never understand. Including how to turn my fic into actual, honest to god sentences. You'll notice I said 'next' and not 'concluding half' because... well that's how it turned out, okay? Does anyone else have this problem where you just want to write a smutty little ficlet and you just start with a few paragraphs of set up? Then suddenly you have two whole chapters and the smut is still just a few more paragraphs away...

Chapter Two )

As well as feedback, could you all send nicotiney vibes my way?
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My little half-brother found my account. Bad. Don't know how, the only thing I can think of is I sent him an e-mail from the wrong hotmail account and he googled it or something. My real name isn't Constance (that happens to be my Maternal Grandmother's maiden name) so he couldn't have known it, I picked a fake one for this very reason. Even worse, he left me a review for Sweet Dreams (the fic with the blowjob!), which he so isn't old enough to be reading. He's only fifteen (and six foot four, I can't express how annoying that is), I shouldn't really have posted that at ffnet in the first place, it's just wrong and icky to have my little brother reading the porn what I wrote. So I've taken my stuff down from ffnet, and I'm hoping he hasn't found my LJ the same way, don't think so because I've not had any fatuous comments. Though if you're reading, Bill, you might want to remember I have many embarrassing stories from your childhood, with photos, and the MSN names of many of your school friends. And if you ever want to visit Oxford and drink beer and eat junk food and watch 18 rated movies ever again... Tell no-one.

I suppose I started it. The last time I stayed down in Bath he left himself signed in to MySpace and I may have made one or two adjustments to his profile. And chatted to a few of his MSN buddies. It's not like they didn't know it wasn't him, 'cause I can spell. And occasionally use a grammatically correct sentence.
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I have a computer! Well I have five ).
I've been so deprived of fanfiction these last couple of weeks I tried reading one of the tie-in novels. They still suck, if anyone was wondering. Why won't Joss Whedon write a book? Obviously a new series of Buffy would be better, but I get that it's impractical, so why not a book to tell us how our heroes are doing? I'd settle for script form.
In better news I've been nominated for an award, which is very nice. And I remembered how to put up the button. Ta Da!
And here's a tiny little chapter of Dreidel. Just the last chapter really, from Spike's point of view, but it does mark the start of more regular updates from me.

Dreidel Chapter Four )

More Cumulari next, I promise. It just needs typing up.
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I have no computer. I could write for a long time on my string of recent computer tradgedies but the conclusion of all my whining would be - I have no fic. And I'm unlikely to have any for a few weeks. I have stuff written, in the oldfashioned way, I've abandoned nothing, I just can't get from the biro to the binary code. Apologies (as usual) for the comments I haven't replied to or have only just replied to. Did I say I'd have the rest of Cumulari up in a week or two? Oops. *runs away guiltily*
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Thematic sequel to Not Quite Forever. Spike is shirtless for this whole fic. Early Season Six, roughly post Flooded.
Rating: PG-13. Maybe R for swearing.
Beta'd by: [ profile] slackerace (Though I may have added errors since she looked it over.)

Cumulari )
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It's my day on Seasonal Spuff, which was scaring the pants off me yesterday but I managed to actually post something, so that's a start. And I'm posting it again here, just because.

This is my alternative to the botched resurrection spell post The Body. First of two loosely connected posts.
Rating: PG-13. Maybe R, but only for swearing.
Beta'd by: [ profile] slackerace

Not Quite Forever )
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