Dec. 27th, 2006

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Everyone else so full of food they can't move?
My half-siblings got a fancy new iMac for Christmas. I haven't used an apple for nearly ten years and they've moved on a bit. Had a bit of a fright when the control v button wouldn't work and I'm secretly hankering for the old, crappy evil Microsoft computer.
And it's finally my posting day for Noel_of_Spike, though only just. I'm posting it here too, because I'm kinda anal. Altogether there's going to be five chapters and an epilogue, most of it tomorrow, probably.
Huge big thanks to [ profile] slackerace for going over and above the call of beta-ing, with the encouragement and research and listening to me whinge. Hope you had a great Christmas.

Let Nothing You Dismay )
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I stole a line from Charlie Brooker in this chapter.
Chapter Four )
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I am sooo tired. Guess which idiot arranged to be travelling on her posting day. And stayed up till nearly 5 am last night playing with a fancy new iMac. I will be so glad to be back in my own house. Although I wouldn’t have minded taking that computer with me. Now I’m stuck back on this weird internet café machine that today is translating LJ into Russian. Which is helpful.

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Let Nothing You Dismay, Epilogue )


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