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Three days out of the last five I've been trekking over to my Mum's to fix her broadband. Every day, after an hour or so fiddling around, it works. Every time I restart the computer it doesn't work. Now the getting online is nice but I'm getting tired of the trekking (and a little tired of my Mother, who makes me look like a computer genius and insists on feeding me lentils every time I visit) and a little tired of TalkTalk, who freely admit it's all their fault but claim she's still tied in to an eighteen-month contract. After several increasingly acrimonious conversations in which they suggested she buy another router and I suggested they shove it, I phoned her bank and cancelled her direct debit. They threatened to charge her £200, I threatened to phone trading standards, they went very quiet and put me through to a chap that didn't speak English...
Anyway... My question is, who should I switch her over to? The most important criteria is hassle-free. Is it possible to have hassle-free broadband in the UK?
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1/ My internet time just recently has been almost non-existant, ten minutes snatched here and there. Yesterday was the first time in ages I got anywhere near up-to-date with my flist, and even then not so much because it only goes back 999 entries and I was way further behind than that. Been missing LJ so much I spent my day yesterday fixing my Mum's computer so I could use her internet. She thinks I'm being helpful. Ha! I just hadn't read a Spuffy fic for 21 days and they don't make patches for that. Everyone seems to have been setting up other journals that aren't on LJ and this is bad. If there's some kind of mass exodus I'm never going to have the time to find you all again so just stop it, okay?

2/ I accidentally wrote a little Life on Mars fic, and I'm feeling a little bit ashamed of myself. Okay, very ashamed of myself. Because I really didn't like the second series. Each scene between Sam and Gene was brilliant, but as a whole, badly thought through rubbish. Far excelled by the fanfic I've read online. (Not by mine, sadly, but I can throw stones from my glasshouse if I want to. I'm far less ashamed of writing bad fic than I am of writing LoM fic.) I thought the writing was lazy and, well kinda crap, and Matthew Graham is a nasty little hack with no attention to detail who doesn't credit his audience with any intelligence, and, most crucially, thinks fandom is silly. That's enough of that. It's only a story and now it's ended. Go and read a good book.. Wanker. Should be shot. So you could say I've written a fanfic to spite him, but actually, I've written it because my mind is obsessed with DCI Hunt. Which means I should be shot, also. Little bit slashy, btw. Sam POV.

The Seat with the Clearest View )

(For the Americans on my flist who have no idea what I'm talking about - you should just ignore me. I wrote stuff that's not got Spike in it. Nothing to see here.)
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My kiddie gave me headlice just before Easter. A month later, I still have headlice. I have spent literally a weeks income on nasty pesticides - does anything kill the damn things? The only way I got rid of them on Jen was picking the little buggers off one at a time (I've got so much less squeemish since I became a mother) and even that doesn't work for me. I have so much hair and it's just exactly nit coloured. I'm one step away from shaving my head.

This week I have mostly been reading Life on Mars slash fanficton. This is more a symptom of the Philip Glenister crush than a love of the program. I thought by 27 I'd have grown out of crushing on people, but no. Anyway, here's some recs.

Cogs by [ profile] echo_voice

Schrodinger's Cat by [ profile] furblewig

The Sheriff and His Deputy by [ profile] elfinessy

Flash of Light by [ profile] elfinessy

Foolproof by [ profile] severa

Stop Look Listen by [ profile] bistokids

Don't mess with Mister In-Between by [ profile] hellblazer06

Five kisses and sequel Aftermath by [ profile] fandomatemylife

We Could Steal Time by [ profile] dorcas_gustine

Lawman, Beating up the Wrong Guy by [ profile] tigertrapped
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If you can't tell from the nine month wait, I've got a bit lost with this fic. I've learnt lessons. I shall never again start posting a fic without a proper story plan. But I wouldn't put money on me finishing this fic in, say, the next few years, so if you hate abandoned WIPs look away now.

Beta'd by the very patient [ profile] slackerace

Previous chapters here

Chapter Six )

(PS Dreidel has a proper story plan, I swear. It's almost an outline. I've even made notes.)
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Happy Birthday [ profile] slackerace. Hope you have a lovely day and find some time to relax and/or party.

And happy birthday [ profile] shapinglight, hope this gorgeous weather holds for your trip.
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Visiting the iMac for the weekend. Okay, I'm supposed to be babysitting the eldest half-sibling, but I come for the computer really. I have nothing to say, but... I do have a computer to say it on!
The ending of Life on Mars sucked. Even more than I thought it would. And now it's over I've realised just how much I fancy Philip Glenister. Disturbing. Although, still not as disturbing as the day I realised I fancied Warren Clarke.
I worry about me sometimes. At least James Marsters is pretty.
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Chapter Thirteen )

There may be a tiny bit more of a gap between this chapter and the next. I started writing the rough draft of 14 two weeks ago and so far I'm on sentence four. They do cover two pages, I'm not sure if that makes it better or worse... I'm like a sloth in winter, seriously. A dead sloth.

Got my bag back, btw. Maybe I should have a little more faith in human nature but the estate I live on is, um, not exactly what you might picture when you think of Oxford and the main hobbies here seem to be vanadalizing stuff so I was pleasantly surprised.
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This month, I have mostly been reading P&P fic )

And a little bit of Spuffy, obviously, but you've probably read all these if you're interested in the Spuffy thing )

And strangely for me, some Spander )

It was my son's anniversary Friday and I commemorated by leaving my handbag on the bus on the way home from the internet cafe. My notebook, my floppy disks... National Non-Smoking day? Cursed for me.

Now I'm waiting on tenterhooks till their lost property office opens Monday. I know I should be counting myself lucky because a/ a notebook isn't a child and b/ all my money, phone, keys etc were in my pockets but you know? I'd swap the lot for my notebook. Phone numbers, fic rough drafts, everything I'm supposed to be doing over the next few weeks, basically everything I write down.

My little girl's been getting the rough edge of my tongue this weekend. We took flowers for Greg and she had a little tantrum when she realised she couldn't take the flowers home again. Then Jen spent the rest of the morning 'spotting' him every time she saw a baby. I don't think she can possibly really remember him but she has photos of her and him together and remembers the idea, then she had a few tantrums that she couldn't take any of the babies she 'found' home either. So she's copping the blame for my handbag too, because really, it's no wonder I was distracted.

Dreidel 12

Mar. 7th, 2007 01:27 pm
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Bit of a reveal and absolutely no cliffhanger in this one. Beta'd as usual by the lovely [ profile] slackerace.
Feedback is food... but you know what? I've read at least three good fics this week that I've yet to comment on, so I probably deserve to starve.

Previous Chapters Here

Chapter Twelve )

And huge thanks to whoever nominated this fic and Let Nothing You Dismay for various stuff at the Love's Last Glimpse awards.
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Half term holiday last week. Tooth extracted Friday. (My eighth extraction - I have the stereotypical British teeth. Still swollen and f***ing painful.) No time to snatch more than ten minutes on line and I only have half an hour now. This chapter has been sitting in my inbox over a week. Thanks for the beta, Slackerace, and the prezzie.

Dreidel )

And thanks to everyone who recced me a book to fill in the sleepless toothache fillled nights. So far I've read Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen, Sunshine by Robin McKinney (think I've spelt that wrong) Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson Gabriel Hounds by Mary Stewart, and I'm sure there was one more but damned if I can remember what it was off the top of my head. Hopefully, I get to dump the child this evening and catch up with what the rest of you have been doing.

Dreidel 10

Feb. 10th, 2007 06:14 pm
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A short chapter, but I promise a longer one very soon. Previous chapters are here.

(And yes, I do know there's already been a chapter ten, but I made chapter one a prologue because it wasn't long enough to post as a part on its own on TSR and it made all my chapter numbers out of sinc and it's been annoying me for ages and... I'm just anal. This is a brand new chapter, not the last one reposted.)
Chapter Ten )
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Weekending with the half siblings and their fancy new computer - that's so bloody up-to-date there's no floppy drive. And I was so organised! I have a chapter to post, another to edit, I even saved my list of links to disk to save time on googling. And there's nowhere to stick the disk. Damn this new-fangled compact disc technology.
All the kids are in bed, I have the run of the computer and I can't do anything! Except, y'know, surf...
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Haven't been on line much either, which means I'm fanfic deprived. Fic deprived altogether, really, I've tried all the novels I got for Christmas and didn't finish a one of them because they're all crap. If anyone could recommend me a book that doesn't suck, I'd be very grateful. Preferably one by someone who isn't dead.
I've spent most of January re-reading my own small library and it's depressing how many of my favourite authors, outside fandom of course, died long before I was born. Re-read Emma, that's still a great book. So fantastic, in fact, I may have to send hate mail to the next person who compares it to anything written by a Bronte. Unless it's something like 'Austen is so far superior to the Brontes it's hard to draw comparison.'
And I re-read all my Reginald Hills. He's not dead yet, that cheers me up. A brilliant writer who I'd recommend to anyone. Well, anyone English, they're set in Yorkshire and the language might be impenetrable to an American. Great who-dun-its, but don't let that put you off if you don't like mysteries, this guy rises well above. Such a love of words. Here's a tiny little quote: It was, he acknowledged later, an attempt at comfort on a par with assuring Mrs Lincoln she'd have hated the rest of the show.
Then A Town Like Alice, which my Dad gave me when I was eleven and it made me cry for days then. Only hours, nowadays, but that's just because I can read quicker now. The guy might have had some dodgy political ideas but boy could he tell a story. If there's anybody left in the English speaking world who hasn't read Nevil Shute you should go and do that right now. (And it's nowhere near as depressing as I just made it sound.)
Skipped PG Wodehouse, read those last winter. Yesterday it was Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul by Douglas Adams, even the blurb ) of that book makes me giggle.
So that's what I like. If any of those are on you favourite author list I'd really appreciate you taking the time to recommend me something new.
My best Christmas present was a CD, the 30th anniversary edition of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, another thing my dad got me hooked on at a young age. Here's a little quote from that (Stephen Fry, I think), you have to say it out loud, and if you're American for 'Piers Morgan' read 'Condoleeza Rice'
Definitions - Countryside: The Killing of Piers Morgan
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I think I have that season adjustment thingy. Can't write in winter.
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I haven't answered comments for my last fic. Mostly because I've had almost no time to get on line. I read somewhere recently I was morally obliged to reply to every comment but mostly the only thing you can say is thank you and I feel a little silly... Excuses. I really do have no time. But I do read and appreciate, so assume the thank you.

And I got some nominations which I've had to put under a cut because I can't fix the spacing. )

Big thanks to whoever put me up for those. Hope you're all having a happy new year so far.
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I am sooo tired. Guess which idiot arranged to be travelling on her posting day. And stayed up till nearly 5 am last night playing with a fancy new iMac. I will be so glad to be back in my own house. Although I wouldn’t have minded taking that computer with me. Now I’m stuck back on this weird internet café machine that today is translating LJ into Russian. Which is helpful.

Story Starts Here

Let Nothing You Dismay, Epilogue )
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I stole a line from Charlie Brooker in this chapter.
Chapter Four )
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