May. 6th, 2007

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My kiddie gave me headlice just before Easter. A month later, I still have headlice. I have spent literally a weeks income on nasty pesticides - does anything kill the damn things? The only way I got rid of them on Jen was picking the little buggers off one at a time (I've got so much less squeemish since I became a mother) and even that doesn't work for me. I have so much hair and it's just exactly nit coloured. I'm one step away from shaving my head.

This week I have mostly been reading Life on Mars slash fanficton. This is more a symptom of the Philip Glenister crush than a love of the program. I thought by 27 I'd have grown out of crushing on people, but no. Anyway, here's some recs.

Cogs by [ profile] echo_voice

Schrodinger's Cat by [ profile] furblewig

The Sheriff and His Deputy by [ profile] elfinessy

Flash of Light by [ profile] elfinessy

Foolproof by [ profile] severa

Stop Look Listen by [ profile] bistokids

Don't mess with Mister In-Between by [ profile] hellblazer06

Five kisses and sequel Aftermath by [ profile] fandomatemylife

We Could Steal Time by [ profile] dorcas_gustine

Lawman, Beating up the Wrong Guy by [ profile] tigertrapped


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