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I discovered Jane Austen Fanfiction Index. It links to all the Jane Austen fics on all the larger archives and sorts them by very useful categories so you can find your favourite fic kinks from your favourite novel, and also shows the length/rating/last updated. Must have taken someone a fantastic amount of time to compile. You need to type username: MDSReader and password: MrsDarcy to get in.
And some recs
Mariafaith - By Every Civility
Vangie - In Essentials
Laura and Sylvia - Scotch and Sirens
Miss Murchison - Universally Acknowledged Facts
Teg - A Passion of Perculiar Uneasiness

Miss Murchison - Giftless
Ms Clawdia - Borrowed Time
Only Passenger - In All TheWorld

Shadowcast - Late Night Porn Store Blues
Apreludetoakiss - In So Deep

It was my son's anniversary Friday and I commemorated by leaving my handbag on the bus on the way home from the internet cafe. My notebook, my floppy disks... National Non-Smoking day? Cursed for me.

Now I'm waiting on tenterhooks till their lost property office opens Monday. I know I should be counting myself lucky because a/ a notebook isn't a child and b/ all my money, phone, keys etc were in my pockets but you know? I'd swap the lot for my notebook. Phone numbers, fic rough drafts, everything I'm supposed to be doing over the next few weeks, basically everything I write down.

My little girl's been getting the rough edge of my tongue this weekend. We took flowers for Greg and she had a little tantrum when she realised she couldn't take the flowers home again. Then Jen spent the rest of the morning 'spotting' him every time she saw a baby. I don't think she can possibly really remember him but she has photos of her and him together and remembers the idea, then she had a few tantrums that she couldn't take any of the babies she 'found' home either. So she's copping the blame for my handbag too, because really, it's no wonder I was distracted.
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