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Set in a more gentle Season Six, what might have happened if Buffy'd been less depressed and ashamed of her sexuality, and Spike hadn't been so damn impatient and determined to bring her over to the dark side. Set very firmly before they shagged, but after OMWF.
I know it's OOC, but how else do you get S6 fic that isn't depressing?

Beta'd very quickly by [ profile] slackerace

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Fic Recs

Jul. 4th, 2006 07:24 pm
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This is the list I wanted to post on Sunday, best Spuffy fic I've read this week. I've tried to restrict myself to new fic this week, or at least new to me, so it's more of a top seven.

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And Firefly? Blue Sun Room, where I go for most of my firefly fic, has been inaccessible to me and only just popped back up. So there's just one, a wip.
CABridges - When the Devil Drives

Seen lots of references to other blog sites on LJ just recently, but I don't think I've ever seen a link to a Spuffy fic on one. Am I missing out? Is there swathes of fic I've not read yet away from LJ?


Jun. 27th, 2006 05:24 pm
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Thanks to [ profile] makd, [ profile] avidrosette and [ profile] cordykitten for the help with tags and italics. And you see how I made their names into LJ Icons (or users, links, whatever the proper term is)? I figured that one out by myself! Go Me!

When I say fic, I mean tiny little S6 snippet, with many lines stolen from the show.

I rewrote the end of Smashed so that they don't have sex. Christ knows why, now I come to think of it. I like the Smashed sex. The look on his face when she slides onto him... Wow, that's hot. And it's not in this fic.

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Criticism and fulsome praise equally welcomed
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This one was on my list of recs, but I forgot to put a link to it as it had disappeared from FFNet. Lovely, gorgeous, funny, brilliant long fic by TrollPrincess.

Spuffy Recs

Jun. 7th, 2006 01:56 pm
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My little girl saw Big Ben at the weekend. On the bus yesterday there was a picture, advertising a trip to London, she started yelling look mummy, big clock, only she can't pronounce L's very well and a few people on the bus sniggered. Then she wanted to look at Daddy's tiny clock. I tried to correct her, say Daddy has a watch, big mistake, toddlers don't like being corrected. So she yelled at the top of her voice. 'No Mummy! Daddy has a tiny cock!' He'll not be getting that bus again.

Top ten fics for this week, again little of it fresh. Is anyone writing new stuff? Why can't seasonal Spuffy run all year?

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You people all suck at being mean. Honestly, hopeless. Cause according to the comments on my LJ, the only flaw I have is speaking 'British'. Heh. We all know the sidewalk/cookies/ass/elavator deal, but it's harder to notice the words that you don't use in America, so thanks for pointing those out.

Here's a list of Spuffy archives, in order of the year they were last updated. Starting with 1999, archive proof that Spuffy has spanned two millenia.

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So here's chapter four of Softer World, and just to neaten things up the previous three chapters all under separate cuts. It was mostly written a while ago, don't go expecting updates every week, I know some people manage it but I really don't know how, takes a long time to write a fic in which nothing happens. Unbeta'd as usual and quotes liberally stolen from the show, as I'm sure you'll all notice.

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And can I make a request? If you feel moved to comment, say something mean. Everyone's been really nice, maybe it's an American thing, and it's toe curlingly good to read that people have enjoyed my fiction enough to comment and say so. But without critisism my learning curve is going to be a horizontal line.


May. 24th, 2006 01:48 pm
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Hopefully I've figured out all this complicated computer stuff and some fic will appear behind the cuts below. I've posted this on FF Net and BS Central and received a generally friendly, though not garralous response, and discovered the drug that is feedback. Enough to encourage me at any rate, so if you think this is shite and shouldn't be sullying this lovely site then blame reviewers. I'm really quite anal, pointing out my typos as welcome as concrit. And I suck at titles, all suggestions gratefully received. Assuming, that is, that a single person ever reads this LJ.

I Have To Be Here
BtVS Season 5. Post Crush. Maybe an R? There's some naughty touching, it'd be 15 certificate in England, so I guess R.

Chapter One

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May. 24th, 2006 01:22 pm
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I get a lot of use out of LJ, most of it reading fanfic, but I don't have internet at home and I haven't exactly figured out how everything works. Seems to me I need an LJ of my own to read some things, so that's mainly why I'm opening this. Also I've started writing some fic of my own which I'll post here just as soon as I figure out how... not so soon maybe cause I'm kinda slow.

I've been reading Spuffy fanfiction since before the word was invented, can remember the days when you could google 'Buffy Fanfic' and get a handful of hits instead of tens of thousands. And I'm still as obsessed as ever, though it's taken me nearly a decade to work up the courage to try my own hand.

So that's pretty much all you will find here, Spuffy. Maybe some Firefly. Not even pretty pictures.

And because I feel that there should be something posted here, a list of WIPs I'm currently reading

Anaross - My Life Twice Closed

Avidrosette - Down Where the Woodbines Creep

Bogwitch - Working My Way Back to You

Buffyprof - Look Who's Stalking

Crackers4Jenn - Blacklines to the Battlefields
And everything else she's written

Deadlyhook - Does it Have to Mean Something?
Follows on from Dirty Back Road

Devilpiglet - Untitled

Herself - My Beautiful Epilogue

Just Sue - Buyer Beware

Kalima - Time Travel for Pedestrians

Peyton - Tempered by Time

Sharelle - Out of Joint

St Salieri - Reap the Joy

Wait with baited breath for the next post, when I will demonstrate my amazing skills and figure out how to put things behind a cut.


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