Jul. 2nd, 2006 11:14 am
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My internet cafe has closed down! I only bought a months membership last week and now the place is borded up. I'm at the coffee shop round the corner but it's hopeless and won't let me access anything, including my own journal! Most of my flist is coming up access denied and even if I could get at anything, this stupid computer has no floppy drive so I can't take any fic home to read. Most frustrating of all are the journals that are coming up but I can't look behind the cut, namely KCarolJ65 who has a new chapter of Blood runs thin up and I can't read it. Maybe she says crap in it, cause we all have to be protected from mild swear words.

I'm lost. I live in Oxford, the place is teeming with students and there is not a single place I can access LJ on a Sunday. Which is the only day I have without a toddler tugging at my skirt and trying to play with the mouse. And even on a weekday there's only a library, and I suspect it's going to have the same ridiculously overdone filter system as this stupid shop. Although at least they won't charge me three quid for the privelege of not being able to look at anything.

I had a list of fic recs to post, can't get them off the floppy, can't remember the links. Quinara has a lovely short up which I can't comment on because it won't let me access. It was very sweet, if you're reading Quinara. I love her style of writing, distinctive and descriptive with good attention to detail, and very subtle. Sorry I can't leave this comment on your journal. Guess you've used a swear word once to.

In RL, there has been a police van permanently stationed at the end of my road cause someone was threatened with a gun last week. I live in BlackBird Leys, a housing estate infamous in the early nineties for joyriders, the guns are new though, generally people just stab eachother. And my married and very creepy neighbour has been hitting on me. Tried avoiding him but my little girl loves his stepdaughter, and her trampoline, have to drag her past their house.

No point commenting on this entry, I can only look at my user info. I'm seriously pissed off.


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