Jun. 18th, 2007

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1/ My internet time just recently has been almost non-existant, ten minutes snatched here and there. Yesterday was the first time in ages I got anywhere near up-to-date with my flist, and even then not so much because it only goes back 999 entries and I was way further behind than that. Been missing LJ so much I spent my day yesterday fixing my Mum's computer so I could use her internet. She thinks I'm being helpful. Ha! I just hadn't read a Spuffy fic for 21 days and they don't make patches for that. Everyone seems to have been setting up other journals that aren't on LJ and this is bad. If there's some kind of mass exodus I'm never going to have the time to find you all again so just stop it, okay?

2/ I accidentally wrote a little Life on Mars fic, and I'm feeling a little bit ashamed of myself. Okay, very ashamed of myself. Because I really didn't like the second series. Each scene between Sam and Gene was brilliant, but as a whole, badly thought through rubbish. Far excelled by the fanfic I've read online. (Not by mine, sadly, but I can throw stones from my glasshouse if I want to. I'm far less ashamed of writing bad fic than I am of writing LoM fic.) I thought the writing was lazy and, well kinda crap, and Matthew Graham is a nasty little hack with no attention to detail who doesn't credit his audience with any intelligence, and, most crucially, thinks fandom is silly. That's enough of that. It's only a story and now it's ended. Go and read a good book.. Wanker. Should be shot. So you could say I've written a fanfic to spite him, but actually, I've written it because my mind is obsessed with DCI Hunt. Which means I should be shot, also. Little bit slashy, btw. Sam POV.

The Seat with the Clearest View )

(For the Americans on my flist who have no idea what I'm talking about - you should just ignore me. I wrote stuff that's not got Spike in it. Nothing to see here.)


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