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My kiddie gave me headlice just before Easter. A month later, I still have headlice. I have spent literally a weeks income on nasty pesticides - does anything kill the damn things? The only way I got rid of them on Jen was picking the little buggers off one at a time (I've got so much less squeemish since I became a mother) and even that doesn't work for me. I have so much hair and it's just exactly nit coloured. I'm one step away from shaving my head.

This week I have mostly been reading Life on Mars slash fanficton. This is more a symptom of the Philip Glenister crush than a love of the program. I thought by 27 I'd have grown out of crushing on people, but no. Anyway, here's some recs.

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Date: 2007-05-06 03:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I've heard that beyond treating the scalp, one should toss any bedsheets, pillows and pillowcases, hats, scarves, and combs and brushes. After that, carpets can be scrubbed, and anything else cleaned to within a degree of its life. The little jerks like to hide there before going back to the scalp to start the cycle all over again.

Or something like that. But for goodness's sake, don't go all Britney on us! There's got to be a way or something a dermatologist can prescribe to give you some relief.

Date: 2007-05-06 05:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You're kidding me? I have to delice the whole house? I've yet to delouse my head yet.
:forsees 2 spring cleans this year:

Date: 2007-05-06 04:21 pm (UTC)
gillo: (Union Chapel gig)
From: [personal profile] gillo
My children had a terrible summer in 1999, when they seemed to pass the damned things between them for months. The only thing that worked in the end was what we called an electronic bugblatter - I think the official name is a Robi Comb - you use it on dry hair once or twice a day and it nukes the little buggers by electrocuting them. Not dirt cheap, but it works out cheaper than months of lotions and potions and really did seem to work - and can be used from time to time whenever you get wind of an infestation amongst kids at the school.

Lots of sympathy, though - I was dealing with super-long hair in an 11-year-old and an eight-year-old, and they made their protests very audible!

Date: 2007-05-08 04:44 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

You want to use a solution of about 5% malathion mixed in water. It will foam up when shaken, so use a large container with a lid.

Apply it to hair like shampoo. Leave in for ten minutes or so and then shampoo at least three times. After months of infestation spread back and forth this cured my family in half an hour.

You can buy malathion at garden supply stores. Do not drink it or get it in your eyes; it is nasty stuff. It is toxic with repeated exposure. The FDA has approved .5% malathion solutions as safe and effective but I prefer a slightly greater concentration. You can buy 50% malathion at stores, but it must be diluted. You can get medical malathion, chemically identical, for ten thousand times the price per ounce, through pharmacies with a prescription.

You can find pesticide sprays safe to apply around the house at any pharmacy and you should schedule a washing of all your sheets and pillows for the same day.

Alternatively you could shave every hair from your body all at once and tell your husband that you just felt kinky. Let us know if that works.


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